6 Things to Be Careful about Hair Replacement
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6 Things to Be Careful about Hair Replacement

Hair replacement is the permanent hair transplant to the areas with hair loss, whether is due to genetic factors or environmental factors. To obtain the best results, there are some factors that you need to be careful about.

1. Hospital

A hospital that meets the hygiene regulations, that provides a great patient care and employs experienced and skilled medical staff is the key to successful results.

2. Technique

Currently, there are two different methods for hair replacement; FUE and FUT. In FUE (follicular unit extraction) follicular units are extracted and transplanted individually, which is more suitable for small areas of baldness. In FUT (follicular unit transplantation), a piece of tissue that contains hair follicles is removed and transplanted, which is better for larger areas.

3. Surgeon and Team

The surgeon and the surgical team must be carefully chosen to avoid undesired hair replacement results. Hair centers such as Remed provide an easy solution, as their staff only consists of established surgeons.

4. Online Reviews

Online reviews can be really helpful for choosing a center or a surgeon for your hair replacement. You can learn all the details about the quality of the surgeon, the quality of patient care, and most importantly the results of the hair replacement process. It is a good idea to see how other patients’ experiences were.

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5. Price

Getting hair replacement without disrupting your financial balance not even a bit may sound nice, but a low price doesn’t ensure the success of your hair replacement operation. It is always better to compare prices only after eliminating the non-qualified, non-hygienic centers and surgeons.

6. Aftercare

As all medical procedures, aftercare is a vital component of successful results for hair replacement. Before deciding where to get your hair replacement, find out what services they are offering for aftercare.