What Are The Exercises That Prevent Heart Diseases?
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What Are The Exercises That Prevent Heart Diseases?

Heart is one of the most important organs of our body not because of the fact that it is at the center of the body but it is central to a healthy body. It is a pumping organ that pumps blood to every part of our body which in turn supplies oxygen, nutrients and water to each organ or cell of the body. Just as you can’t stay socially safe without your pay-check same is the case with cells. They too can’t survive without oxygen and nutrients because it helps them generate energy.

In this write-up however we are not going to write about foods that we need to eat but we will be discussing about some exercises that e can do prevent occurrence of heart disease. Without much ado Let’s go through these exercises-

Deep breathing exercises- Deep breathing has got it roots in the ancient Indian culture wherein spiritually inclined individuals did continuous deep breathing for 1 or 2 hour. Here the basic point is that in case of normal breathing we only use a portion of our lungs to inhale oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Rest are get accumulated somewhere in various body parts. A high concentration of oxygen and low concentration of co2 can balance your PH and temperature in the body which is utmost important to stay healthy. Devote at least 15 to 20 minutes doing deep breathing and you will find a more tuned and healthy heart.

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Go for running- If you can manage half an hour for your health then running could be the best option as a holistic exercise wherein you can run continuously for half an hour. While running our heart is bound to pump more blood which makes it tissue flexible, toned, and healthy.

Swimming- If you enjoy swimming then this can also be a holistic exercise for your health. During swimming also our heart is compelled to pump fast to provide required amount of blood to various body parts. This continuous churning makes it healthy and toned. However, if you are not a trained swimmer always swim under the guidance of a guide who may take out of the risk if such risks arise joker123.

Walking- If you are not much of a athlete kind of person no worries you can go for a long walk rather than a long drive as a long walk can provide you full body exercise provided you walk continuously with fast pace. Along with these exercises put your feeding habit healthy by eating plenty of fruits, vegetables and raw grains which are best food items for human heart. Even then if you think you need to consult a physician then visit cardiologist that are renowned and has a valid license like Tiberio Frisoli (cardiologist).

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