The Fat Dissolve Travel Diet

The Fat Dissolve Travel Diet

I’ve purposely made my life overly chaotic for the past 4 months.

Ever since I found out my wife was pregnant with my future son, I’ve been on a crash course to clear as much time as possible for the fall. That meant more projects, more writing, and a lot more travel.

How much travel? Until this past week, it had been more than 120 days since I last spent a full week sleeping in my own bed.

All that time traveling meant too many flights, an appreciation for good wireless internet, and lots of eating in restaurants.

While many people will try to focus on travel prep (I take this to an extreme), let’s be honest: if you’re on the road, you’re going to eat in restaurants. Heck, if you’re living life and enjoying food, you’re going to eat at restaurants.

Sometimes, you’re going to go for broke and order to your heart’s content. But those moments have to be limited. The rest of the time? It can feel like you need a navigator to help you find the right meal for you body.

To make your dinning choices easier, use this guide to help you order the right type of foods, regardless of where you go.

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Being a slave to your diet isn’t a fun way to travel. So experience the food and use this guide to know exactly what to order at any type of restaurant.

1. Japanese

A lot of the sushi rolls can be pretty high in fat, which is not a great idea to combine with a large amount of starchy carbs.

Here are some better ideas: sashimi with a side of rice, grilled meats or fish with rice, nigiri sushi, meat and vegetable dishes cooked in broth.

2. Vietnamese

Fresh spring rolls, Pho noodle soup with leaner meats, steamed fish or grilled lean meat plates with rice.

3. Thai

Thai Steak or chicken salad, chicken satay, chicken skewers, grilled fish or shrimp, grilled squid, fresh spring rolls (wrapped in un-fried rice paper), grilled or steamed vegetables, side of rice.

4. Steakhouses

Leaner steaks (filet mignon, sirloin), fish, chicken, shellfish cooked dry with a plain baked potato.

5. Seafood restaurants

Grilled, baked, or steamed fish, shellfish, fish appetizers (shrimp cocktail without the sauce, ceviche) with a side of rice or plain baked potato.

6. Korean

Any steamed, baked, or broiled fish or shellfish, fish/vegetable stew, BBQ or broiled chicken or lean steak, kimchee, sprouts, grilled vegetables, vegetable sides, side of rice.

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7. Indian/Pakistani

Salads, ginger fish or other fresh fish dishes, chicken dish, tandoori dishes, chicken, lamb, or beef kabob/skewers, side of rice.

8. Mediterranean

Grilled or broiled fishes (salmon, ahi tuna, whitefish, monkfish, etc.), grilled sea scallops or prawns, muscles, salads and vegetable sides, lean meat kabobs/skewers, side of rice.

9. Taquerias

Grilled chicken, shrimp, steak salads (but not taco salads with the fried shell). Grilled carne asada, chicken, or shrimp plate with salsa and veggies only (no rice, cheese, refried beans, or other condiments), grilled carne asada, chicken, shrimp fajitas (no cheese, sour cream). And to avoid temptation, tell them you don’t need the chips or tortillas.

10. Fried Chicken Joints

Rotisserie chicken breast and vegetable sides (with no butter added if possible). Most of the other sides like biscuits, gravy, and mash potatoes suck for fitness and fat loss.

11. Chinese Restaurants and Take-Out

Grilled Chinese chicken salad, steamed vegetables, bake/grilled/steamed fish or prawn dishes, vegetable soups. No sweet ‘n’ sour stuff (that’s the definition of high carb plus high fat). No fried dishes.

12. Italian Restaurants

Salmon and other fresh fish dishes, filet mignon, roast chicken, grilled mussels/clams, grilled prawns, grilled calamari, vegetables side dishes, salads, veal or chicken piccata or scaloppini.

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13. French Restaurants

Grilled prawns, grilled mussels, oysters, scallops, ahi tuna, grilled chicken, roast chicken, veggie sides, salmon or other fresh fish dishes, salads. Try to do away with all of the heavy cream sauces.

14. Greek

Grilled lamb, chicken, or steak, fresh fish, prawns, scallops, vegetables, salads.

15. Hawaiian

Ahi tuna poke, poke salads, steamed fish, grilled chicken, lomi salmon, bbq pork, grilled beef, kahlua pig ‘n’ cabbage. Leave the mac salad and SPAM alone 🙂