Medsmex Online Pharmacy
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Medsmex Online Pharmacy

Medsmex is an online Mexican pharmacy. It was one of the first online pharmacies to be founded, in 1998, by an established Mexican pharmacy corporation, Medications Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V. It provides its buyers with medicines of all sorts, both brand name and generic, sold at affordable rates, up to 70 to 90% less than retail prices in North America. The drugs are sold with no prescription required, shipped directly from Mexico to the customer’s doorstep, in the manufacturer’s original packaging.

Despite its low price points, quality remains a top priority for Medsmex. All of their products are manufactured directly in Mexico. They adhere to strict FDA regulations and are also regulated by the appropriate federal bodies. All of the products that are shipped from the site come directly from the pharmacies of its parent company, and go through appropriate customs inspection. Their products can therefore be considered safe, trustworthy and reliable. Even though Medsmex is safe and fraud free it is important for online buyers to be extra careful that the web page they are shopping at is the true original Medsmex page. There are a lot of criminals that try to commit fraud using the Medsmex made as well as other popular online pharmacies

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Customers praise Medmex’s fast shipping and reasonable prices, as well as their prompt customer service department, which features a toll free number that can be called anytime of the day, seven days a week. They stock many drugs which are hard to find at other online pharmacies. All medicines purchased are guaranteed to be brand new, having the best available expiration dates. The products are delivered in a plain box that doesn’t disclose any of the package’s contents, so as to protect the privacy of the buyer.

Express shipping costs 24.99 and is available worldwide. Packages are delivered 1 to 2 business days from the day of payment, and delivery can be expected 7 to 30 days after the order is processed. They accept E checks as their form of payment. E checks are a form of online payment that basically consists of an online check. The money is usually transferred within 48 hours. They also accept wire transfers and check by mail. Check by mail is exactly what is sounds like; sending Medsmex a physical check by mail delivery. This transaction takes about 30 days to be received.