Rebounding and Its Benefits

Rebounding and Its Benefits

For the past few years, rebounding has come into the personal fitness market with a vengeance, rebounding studios are opening almost everywhere and bringing the crowds with them. What exactly is rebounding? Is it actually good for you?

What is Rebounding?

Rebounding is a type of exercise done on a mini trampoline which being highly portable, can be done anytime, anywhere and in the comfort of your own home. It is the combination of many pieces of gym equipment into one, cutting cost but not at the cost of your work out. Many exercises can be done on the rebounder – jogging, high knees, aerobics, star jumps, lunges, crunches and more! Each exercise can be done in various angles to increase the difficulty and intensity of the workout, customizable across different fitness levels.

Is it good?

Is it good for you? Rebounding has been proven to have multiple health benefits such as an aid to weight loss, the increase in cardiovascular health, muscle growth and detoxification of toxins.

Muscle Toning: Due to the up and down of the rebounding motion, rapid expansion and contraction of muscle across the whole of your body occurs. Muscles from your calves, back, abdominals and even to your arms are needed to work in sync as you repeat the jumping and landing process over and over again, keeping your muscles toned with a full body workout.

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Cardiovascular Health: The human heat being a muscle, it needs, like every other part of our body, to stay fit and strong through exercise. This enables it to perform its function easily and in top condition. When exercising on the rebounder, demand for oxygen increases, giving a workout to both the heart and lungs to get more oxygen across. As this exercise becomes regular, the heart and lungs become accustomed to the increased work and are able to provide larger quantities of oxygen for increased endurance and stamina.

Metabolism: The measure of how effectively your body breaks down chemicals in the body. Good metabolism means better utilization of energy in your body and regular exercise helps to dispel toxins which in turn help to increase the metabolism of your body.

With all these benefits, perhaps you have been convinced that rebounding is something you should try. But which rebounder should you then buy?

The best rebounder for you

The Needak rebounder is manufactured in America with top quality materials, giving users a good feeling while bouncing. Its impact absorber on both mat and springs also take away excessive impact from the knees, allowing an exercise workout without causing any future pain. Both impact absorber and rubble soles of the trampoline work together to minimize sound while exercising, allowing you to work out even in the dead of the night without waking your neighbor!

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Affordably priced as well, the Needak is valued at $280, cheaper than all its American and European competitors, second only to rebounders made in China. Garnering an average of 97% positive consumer feedback, you can exercise assured with your Needak.