Side Effects of Hair Implants
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Side Effects of Hair Implants

So you are losing hair each time you comb your hair and you are really depressed by this, you have tried out several lotions and tablets but nothing is stopping your hair fall rate. So you have decided to undergo a hair implant to get rid of problem of falling hair. Are you looking for what are the side effects of hair implants? You should be not be worried anymore because the positive effects of hair implants outweighs any tiny side effects it may have. Especially with the rise of fashion industry (as in Azra Yates Fashion channel), hair implant procedures are at high demand. Here are seven major side effects that you may face after a hair implant.

Hair Shedding

After getting a hair transplant, you may have this notion that since you have invested time, energy and money on it, it would certainly grow and become denser. So you might have to face the reality that you may suffer from falling of hair in the beginning. This is called shedding of hair and happens after the implant. This occurs because the previous hair shaft falls and new hair grow from the roots. New hair growth takes 3-4 months to become visible.

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It is quite impossible to get a hair implant without blood loss, because as the implant is done be it follicular unit transplant or follicular unit extraction it leads to some sorts of cuts due to which there is a loss of blood. The professional and experienced doctors will try to minimize blood loss.


If some specialized hair implant doctor has done the surgeon then you may not worry about the aftermath of surgery thinking or worrying about the infections because they are experienced doctor and do the surgery in the most righteous manner. But if your doctor is not experienced then you should be ready to face the repercussions of medicines or surgery. To avoid the infections or lessen its effect, the doctor prescribes you good antibiotics.


As hair implant is a surgical process you bound to feel some degree of pain, the procedures of follicular unit transplant and follicular unit extraction is usually painful to an extent. During the process of implants, the patients are given anesthesia and sedatives so that you become insensitive to the pain of surgery. And it is less likely that after the surgery you would feel pain. For post surgery period, pain killers are giving to the patients. Pain killers are famous among patients of American region but in the Asian countries especially with the Indian Culture, pain killers are not much adviced.

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This is maybe the most widely recognized symptom and is something that is encountered by a greater part of individuals who experience a hair transplant. The itching happens due to the arrangement of scabs at the site of transplant. Side effects depend on the procedure that is follow like implante capilar does not have any much side effects. The simplest technique for taking care of this circumstance is to continue showering the medicinal solution given over the grafts and then regularly scalp is to be washed with the medicinal shampoo prescribed by the doctor. The itching as well, similar to the case with opposite reactions, will vanish over the time of a couple of days.


This is one of the wide found side effects of hair implants. Majority of people after getting a hair implant have complained about this consequence of implant. It is also found that the degree of swelling in people differ from each other substantially depending upon the surgery, medicine, doctor, scalp and many more. The target areas of swelling are different, some people find swelling in head other find it around their eyes. In many instance people having swelling around their eyes has named it black eyes. The swelling gets reduced in later days with the intake of medicines. But the swelling pertains even after few days, it is better to meet the doctor.

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One of the major side effects of hair implantation is that it leaves scars on your head. Especially if you follicular unit extraction done then you should be ready to see the small fine scars on your head. However it is believed that these scars vanish in some period of time. As new hair grows, these scars hardly become visible as they get hidden under the thickness of hair. And if you have undergone the surgery of follicular unit transplant then there would be a linear scar visible on your head. But later every scars hide as new hair grow.