Reasons Why Therapy is Good for Anxiety and Depression
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Reasons Why Therapy is Good for Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety disorders must be treated, and research has shown that therapy is the most effective way because it treats the problem as well as the symptoms, unlike psychometric medication. Therapy can also be tailored to suit many different anxiety disorders, as no two illnesses are the same. The length of treatment can be for as long or as short as needed to treat the problem.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is one of the most effective treatments for anxiety and depression. Therapists who use CBT as a method of therapy change their patient’s patterns of behaviour that stem from dysfunctional thinking. Depression can be bought on by negative thoughts and can trigger a spiral that is difficult to get out of. Once CBT is started it changes the patients thoughts and behaviour, which results in a more positive mood.

CBT is most widely used in the treatment of panic disorders, social anxiety disorder and phobias amongst other things. It is based on cognitive restructuring and behavioural activation to see what and how a person thinks and addresses negative thoughts. With the focus on a specific problem and CBT’s use of goal orientation, therapy can help a patient achieve a more positive outlook even when the sessions come to an end.

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People with mild to moderate depression or anxiety could benefit from CBT, and the use of medication may not be necessary. It’s also been shown that relapses are reduced with the use of CBT. To make the most of CBT, a person must be motivated towards getting themselves better, must be able to feel in control of themselves and their surrounding, and must be able to be introspective.

The benefits of attending talking therapy are infinite with a good London psychologist. They can help many people, from young to old, who is going through a bad time or have emotional problems they feel they can’t cope with alone. If you’re a sufferer of an anxiety disorder or depression, then therapy may be the answer for you to adopt a healthy lifestyle and reduce stress.